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About us

Welcome to Volino.eu - your modern lamps and lighting store on the internet. Here you will find everything related to the theme of light and lighting. Are you building, renovating, or simply want a change? Then you are at the right place. Setting a good light can increase your quality of life - with the right lighting equipment you can increase your well-being in your own home and save energy and costs thanks to modern bulbs. And above all, lighting can create atmosphere - to feel good, relax and work.

More than 10,000 lights online

Over 10,000 lighting products, approximately 20 highly motivated and competent staff, 5,000 square meters of office and warehouse space, 20 years of experience in the sale of lamps and luminaries - these numbers speak to the success of Volino lighting store.

What we want

We want to offer our customers unique offers and top prices. Volino has a great team of professionals.

With the most visited online shop for lighting fixtures Volino is the market leader and benchmark in the lighting industry. Even in Europe, with its online sites like volino.si, volino.eu, volino.it, volino.hr, volino.co.uk.

More than 50,000 positive and satisfied customers, Volino is the first choice when it comes to lights. This trust is a very special award in the world of lamps. Volino has many years of experience in offering an excellent, well-trained customer service and is constantly developing it further.

But Volino is not only the first choice of customers but also of employees. The company is aware that a success story includes many factors.

These include quality products, advanced management systems, optimal strategies and goal-oriented processes as well as an excellent company equipment. But the biggest success factor is the staff. These outstanding people have made Volino the way it is today.

Therefore, new employees can look forward to a great team, which further promotes the success of Volino. Flat hierarchy elements identify the daily cooperation. Individual employees are awarded with lots of room for manoeuvre and each employee is given the opportunity to develop personally.